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Large Shells, Center Sliced
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Center Cut Murex Murex Ramosus Center Slice 5-6"

Large Center Sliced Murex Ramosus Shell
Size range: 5 -6"
Great addition to any Seashell Collection

Our Price: $4.99
Melon Center Slice Melon Shell - Center Cut 7-8" (ea.)

Large Melon Shell Center Slice (ea.)
Size Range: 7-8"
Unusual Center Slice for Beach Crafts and Nautical Decor

Our Price: $9.99
Center Cut Lampas Center Cut Lampas Shell - (each) 8"

Giant Center Sliced Lampas Shell
Size range: 7-8"
Great addition to any Seashell Collection. Perfect for Shadow Box, Coastal Decor and Ocean Art

Our Price: $10.79