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Acrylic Stands (Clear)
Air Plant Sets and Creations
Candle and Tealight Holders
Capiz Candle Holder (Leaf)
Capiz Lotus Tealight Holders
Colorful Decor Glass
Gar Scales
Giant Red Sea Urchin
Mushroom Coral
Sand Dollars
Arrowhead Sand Dollars
Florida Sand Dollars (Keyhole)
Rustic Arrowhead Sand Dollars
Sea Biscuits / Cookies
Sea Life Samplers and Decor Sets
Sea Urchins
Gator (Alfonso) Sea Urchin
Giant Red Sea Urchin
Green Mini Sea Urchin
Green Sea Urchin (Philippines)
Green Sea Urchin (Thai)
Pink Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin Samplers
Sea Urchin Spines
Sputnik Sea Urchin
Whole Mini Sea Urchin w. Spines
Purple Sea Urchin
Seashell Beach Jewelry
Seashell Card Holders
Seashell Lamps
Seashell Mirrors & Wall Art
Seashell Night Lights
Seashell Wind Chimes
Slipper Coral
Smudging Kits
Smudging Sticks & Abalone Shells
"Sunflower" Starfish
Jungle Starfish
Knobby "Chocolate Chip" Starfish
  > Knobby Starfish 1-2" (Tiny)
  > Knobby Starfish 2-3" (Small)
  > Knobby Starfish 3-4" (Medium Small)
  > Knobby Starfish 4-5" (Medium)
  > Knobby Starfish 5-6" (Large)
  > Knobby Starfish 6-7" (X-Large)
  > Knobby Starfish 7-8" (XX-Large)
Starfish, Philippine Flat
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat - Dyed Blue
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat - Dyed White
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat (under 1/2")
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat (1/2" - 1")
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat Dyed Red
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat (1" - 1 1/2")
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat (1 1/2 - 2")
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat (2 - 3")
  > Starfish, Philippine Flat (3 - 4")
White Finger Starfish
  > White Finger Starfish - small 2-3"
  > White Finger Starfish - medium small 3-4"
  > White Finger Starfish - medium 4-5"
  > White Finger Starfish - medium 5-6"
  > White Finger Starfish - large 6-8"
  > White Finger Starfish - large 8-10"
White Knobby Starfish
  > White Knobby Starfish 1-2" (Tiny)
  > White Knobby Starfish 2-3" (Small)
  > White Knobby Starfish 3-4" (Medium)
  > White Knobby Starfish 4-5" (Large)
  > White Knobby Starfish 5-6" (X-Large)
Sugar Starfish
Sun Catchers
Tillandsia (Air Plants)
White Seashells
White Starfish
Starfish, Philippine Flat White
Wooden Stands
Real Baking Scallops
White Irish Baking Scallops (Restaurant quality)
  > White Baking Scallops - Standard Size 3 1/2"
  > White Baking Scallops - Large Size 4"+
  > White Baking Scallops - XL Size 5"+
Lions Paw Scallops
Mexican Deep Shells
Cowries (Cypraea)
Arabian Cowrie (Cypraea arabica)
Cypraea Mappa 3"
Deer Cowrie (Cypraea Vitellus)
Egg Cowries (Ovula Ovum)
Humpback Cowrie
Money Cowrie (Cypraea Moneta)
Purple Top Cowries
Ringtop Cowries
Snake Head Cowrie
Tiger Cowries
White "Wart" Cowrie
White Cowrie (Cypraea annulus)
Cut and Drilled Seashells
Babylonia, Center Cut
  > Babylonia Center Cut Natural
  > Babylonia Center Cut White
Canarium Shells, Multi Cut
Capiz Shells
  > Capiz Shells - Round Cut 1" (25 mm)
  > Capiz Shells - Round Cut 1.5"
  > Capiz Shells - Round Cut 2"
  > Capiz Shells - Round Cut 2.5"
  > Capiz Shells - Round Cut 3"
  > Capiz Shells - Square Cut 2"
  > Capiz, Uncut
Cebu Beauty, Center Cut
Cerithium, Center Cut
Cut Cowrie Shells
Gold Mouth Turbo, Center Cut
Heart Cut Scallops
Large Center Sliced Shells
Nautica Vittellus, Center Cut 2"
Spindle Shells, Center Cut
Strawberry Strombus - Cut
Telescopium Shells, Cut
Tibia Shells, Cut
Turritella, Cut Turrid Shells
Center Cut Canarium
Canarium Shells, Center Cut
Dried Sea Life - Other
Dyed and Painted Seashells
Ark Shells, Dyed
Bubble Shells, Dyed
Cornball Shells, Dyed
Auger Shells - Painted
Dyed Coquina Shells
Littorina, Dyed
Trochus Shells, Dyed and Tiny
Tusk Shells (Dyed)
Umbonium (Button) Shells, Dyed
Dyed Coral
Hermit Crab Shells
Hermit Crab Changing Shells
Hermit Crab Shell Accessories
Hermit Crab Shell Sets
Large Seashells
Conch Shells
  > Haition Fighting Conch Shell 3-4"
  > Large Bahama Pink Queen Conchs (Slit Back)
  > Spyder Conchs (Lambis Shells)
  > Striped Fox Conch Shells 3" - 8"
Cone Shells (Conus)
Spindle Shells (White)
Indian Chank Shells
Marlin Spike (Terebra Maculata)
Muffin Snail Shells
Murex Shells
  > Black Murex
  > Murex Brassica
  > Pink Murex
  > Ram's Murex (Murex Ramosus)
  > Venus Comb Murex
Nautilus Shells
  > Natural (Tiger) Nautilus
    • Natural (Tiger) Nautilus - Cut & Sliced
    • Natural (Tiger) Nautilus - Whole
  > Pearl Nautilus
    • Pearl Nautilus - Cut & Sliced
    • Pearl Nautilus - Whole
Pacific Lampas (Giant Frog Shells)
Trapezium Horse Conch (Striped Fox Conch)
Tun (Tonna) Shells
Turbo Shells (large 3" and up)
Whelk, Left Handed (Lightning)
Turritella, Large 3-4"
Medium Sized Seashells
Abalone (Haliotis Asinina) Green
Abalone Pearlized - Large 3-4"
Abalone Pearlized - Small 2-3"
Babylon (Babylonia) Shells
Cancellaria Shells
Cassis Vibex Bonnet
Chulla Shells
Gold Olive Shells
Harp Shells (Harpa)
Land Snail Shells
  > Green Land Snails (Large)
  > Yellow Land Snail Shells (Striped)
Maple Leaf Shells (Biplex Perca)
Marginellas (Brown)
Moon Shells
Murex Shells 1-3"
  > Apple Murex
  > Murex Haustellum
  > Murex Indivia Shells
  > Murex Negros
  > Murex Turnispina Shells
Strawberry Strombus Shells
Sundial Shells
Tibia Shells
Top Shells (Trochus)
Turban (Turbo) Shells
  > Silver Mouth & Green Turbos
  > Silver Turbo Shells 2"
  > Gold Mouth Turbo
  > Tapestry Turbo Shells
Turkey Wing Shells
Turritella (Screw) Shells
Fig Shells
White Ark Shells
Miter Shells (Mitra)
White Bonnet Shells
White Cerithium Shells
Scallops, Clams, Cockles etc
Baby Deep Scallops
Baby Flat Scallops
Brown White Cockles
Calico Scallops
Clams, Semi White
Irish Flat Scallops
Mexican Deep Scallops
Mexican Flat Scallops
Oyster Shells (MOP)
Pectin Tranquebaricus
Pink Tellins
Polished Tiger Clam 3-4"
Noble Pectins
Rose Cockles
Sun and Moon Shells
White Florida Gulf Scallops
White Heart Cockles
Pectin Purperatus
Shell Mix
Tropical Shell Mix
White Shell Mix
Small and Tiny Seashells
Apple Blossom Shells
Ark Shells, Brown / White
Ark Shells, White Tiny
Bubble Shells, White
Bullia Shells - small
Cerithium Sulcata (Tiny Screw Shells)
Candy Snail Shells
Cat Eye Shells
Cay Cay Shells
Coquina Shells
  > Coquina, Blue White Purple
  > Coquina, Brown White
Cup Shells, White
Drupa Morum Shells
Fernandezi Land Snail Shells
Granosa Shells
Heliacus Snail Shells (1/4")
Latrius Gibbucus (Dove) Shells
Lightning Dove Shells
Limpet Shells
Littorina Shells (1/4")
Marginella Shells
  > Melissas, Brown Tiny
  > Melissas, Peach Tiny
Money Cowrie (Cypraea Moneta)
Nassa Shells
  > Nassa Columbella
  > Nassa Arcularis Shells
  > Nassa, Mixed
  > Nassa, White
Nautica (Moon) Shells - Under 1" (26mm)
Nerita Shells
Nutmeg Shells
Olive Gibbosa Shells
Orchid Shells
Planaxis Sulcata Shells
Purple Baby Clams
Purple Tip Nipple Shells
Purple Turritella (Screw) Shells
Rhinoclavis (Little Unicorn Horns)
Rice Shells (Hawaiian)
Trochus Shells
  > Natural Trochus 1/2" - 1"
Tiny India Mix
Top Shells (Natural and Pearlized)
Turrid Shells (Tiny)
Tusk Shells (Dentalium)
Umbonium (Button) Shells
Venetian Pearls
Wedding Cake Shells
Yellow Land Snail Shells (Striped)
Auger Shells
Bee Hive Shells
Lions Paws