How do I return an item?

We strive to deliver exactly what you ordered in the fastest and most secure way possible.
Please contact us if your order arrived damaged or is not to your expectations. (Keep in mind that our products are 100% natural and can vary from our pictures)
If your order was damaged during shipping, we will happily replace and re-ship. To receive a refund, please send us a picture with a short explanation to:

If you ordered an item by mistake, we will gladly accept returns for 30 days after shipping under the following conditions:
- You should notify us as soon as possible (max. seven days)
- The item must be in original, unopened condition.
- Please use the original box and packaging materials to ship the item(s) back to us.

Unless they arrived damaged, certain items can not be returned. Those are mostly Beach Decorating and Wedding items, including (but not limited to):
- Seashell Card Holders
- Beach Wedding Centerpieces.
- Air Plants and Air Plant Kits

Most of all, we want you to be happy and love what you bought from Florida Shells and Gifts Inc. We are proud of our satisfaction rating of over 99% and strive to deliver what we promised on time. If you have any question, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.